Dental Implants

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants

With the many advances made in modern, restorative dentistry in the past few years, more and more patients can achieve the smile of their dreams and face their future with renewed confidence. Now, instead of having to be embarrassed by a missing tooth – or teeth – patients can benefit from a dental implant procedure to restore not only the appearance of their smile but the functionality of it, as well!

A Permanent Solution from Lincoln Dental Associates

Not that long ago, the only solution to replace missing teeth was to fit a patient with a removable partial denture. While that option is still a highly viable and desirable solution for many patients, there are others who want the security, comfort, and long-term peace of mind of a more permanent solution. That’s where a dental implant comes into play. Now, instead of a removable partial denture, a natural-looking prosthetic tooth can be permanently implanted into the jawbone. Although the procedure will take multiple appointments over a several-month period, the end result is one that restores full functionality for a lifetime! Contact us today to set up your appointment to preserve your dental health for the long-term!

Wondering What the Fuss is About?

You may be thinking that you don’t have to worry about replacing your missing tooth since it’s located in an area of your mouth that’s not noticeable to others when you laugh or smile. And you tell yourself that you can always use the other side of your mouth if needed for chewing purposes. But it’s not that simple. Over time, your remaining teeth will shift out of place as a result of the gap that’s been created by your missing tooth. That’s problematic because this shifting will create gaps in your teeth where food can become trapped and develop into other problems such as decay and gum disease. So, instead of taking care of the dental concern of replacing a missing tooth when it’s timely, you may have to deal with other dental procedures such as periodontal treatment and further tooth loss down the road.

Take the Natural-Looking Step to Restore Your Smile

Not only will a dental implant in Lincoln help to restore your smile in the ways already mentioned, but the procedure ensures a smile that is natural in its appearance. Even if it’s been months or years since you’ve lost a tooth that you’d like to have replaced a dental implant procedure can help you regain the confidence – and health – of your smile today! Call the caring dental team at Lincoln Dental Associates today to get started!

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