Dental Crowns

Tooth crowns are used to restore imperfect or damaged teeth. They can effectively add strength and improve the shape of a worn, decayed or broken tooth. A dental crown is a cap that surrounds the entire tooth structure. It gets cemented on and covers the whole visible portion above the gum line. In fact, a crown serves as a replacement enamel. At Lincoln Dental Associates we offer crowns made of porcelain, metal, or a combination. Porcelain is the preferred material because it is strong, durable and it mimics the appearance of natural teeth.

Dental Crowns in Lincoln

Crowns are placed to add strength to a weakened tooth that cannot hold a dental filling. A crown is fabricated at a lab, a filling is molded inside your mouth. A mouth impression is required so the lab technician can consider your unique bite and jaw movements. For that reason, a dental crown is created just for you. As a result, a crown will not only restore your smile, but also proper mouth function.

Two or three visits are needed to cap a tooth. At the first appointment, the tooth is shaped to fit the new crown. If there isn’t much tooth structure to work with, filling material might be applied to build it up. So instead of filing the tooth down, sometimes it needs to be filled in to place the crown.

Capping a Tooth at Lincoln Dental Associates

After an impression is taken of the prepared tooth, it is sent to the lab. From there, the impression will be used to custom make your dental crown. The skilled lab technicians will ensure that your new restoration is designed to enhance your appearance and mouth function.

A temporary crown will be placed over your prepared tooth before you leave the office. This will provide protection while you wait for the permanent crown. At the second appointment, your completed crown will be cemented in place, restoring your smile.

If you have damaged or imperfect teeth, Lincoln Dental Associates can help. We can enhance and restore your smile with dental crowns. Contact our dental office in Lincoln to book an appointment.

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