Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry includes dental procedures that have the goal of improving the appearance of a smile. Common issues that are addressed include teeth that are chipped, gapped, missing, or stained. Your cosmetic dentist at Lincoln Dental Associates in Lincoln will assess the condition of your teeth, consider your goals for treatment, and make a recommendation on the best procedure for you.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatments are one of the most popular in cosmetic dentistry. A professional whitening treatment can produce a much more dramatic effect than products available over the counter. It can remove discoloration that results from diet, personal habits such as smoking, or simply aging. It is also safer and may not result in tooth sensitivity as over-the-counter products can.

Cosmetic veneers

If you have small imperfections in your teeth such as chips, cracks, or stains that are the result of an accident or simple wear and tear, cosmetic veneers can be a simple but effective treatment. Issues with alignment can also be addressed using these thin, custom-made shells that are attached to the front of the teeth. This placement effectively conceals flaws and produces a more attractive smile. It is a quick, comfortable, and affordable option in cosmetic dentistry.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are most often used on damaged or decayed teeth that cannot be sufficiently treated with a veneer. Also called “caps,” they are placed over a tooth to completely cover it. They are made of tooth-colored material and can also be used to address chips, cracks, and discoloration.

Teeth replacement

Missing teeth can be the most cumbersome issue that cosmetic dentistry treats. Options in teeth replacement include bridges, dentures, and dental implants. Bridges and dentures are effective for restoring some function to the teeth but may shift in place. For a more stable solution, dental implants are a great option. Not only do they provide a function that is closest to natural teeth, but they stimulate the jawbone and can help to prevent bone loss in that area. However, they are the more expensive option, so the cost will be a consideration when choosing the treatment for you.

If you are looking to make some cosmetic improvements to your smile, make an appointment at Lincoln Dental Associates for a consultation in Lincoln.

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