cosmetic dentistry in lincoln neFor those who feel that their damaged smile is beyond repair and salvaging, here is a list of the restorative dental options available that may be just what you need to regain that once proud smile. With the help from your local cosmetic dentist in Lincoln, NE, you’ll find that you have more options than you think!


Crowns are probably the second most common restorative dental treatment, behind fillings. Crowns are tooth-like composite resin or porcelain shells that go over decayed or diseased teeth. Crowns are custom made to fit the specific teeth of a patient. Crowns are made either in a lab in the dental office or they are made off-site in a third party dental lab. Patients whose crowns are made off-site are required to wait longer and make additional dental office visits.

Crowns are for teeth that have cavity damage throughout most of the surface of the tooth. They are also used to cap implants and fill in gaps left by missing teeth.

Crowns are carefully measured and fitted so they are comfortable and secure. Their coloring is also carefully selected so it matches the color of the rest of the patient’s teeth.


Fillings are the most common restorative dental procedure. Fillings are either made of composite resin or amalgam, a type of metal alloy. The amalgam fillings are the most common and are the less expensive type of fillings. Some dental offices, however, are against using amalgam fillings because they think these kinds of fillings are potentially dangerous to one’s health.

Fillings patch and cover holes in the tooth caused by cavities, to prevent the tooth decay from penetrating deeper into the tooth. Fillings also make it more difficult for future plaque to build-up on the surface of the tooth.

Fillings do wear out over time, usually becoming detached from the tooth. It is common to have the fillings redone every couple years.

Root canals

If you have tooth decay that has penetrated the inner core of a tooth (called the pulp) or the tooth roots, which secure the tooth to the jawbone, a root canal is necessary to save your tooth. Untreated decay of the tooth pulp and roots not only result in possibly losing the tooth, but also pain, discomfort and possible damage to the jawbone itself.

Root canals have gotten a bad rap, but they aren’t as painful or as gruesome as they are made out to be. The root canal procedure does take quite a bit of time and is very tedious, but the recovery time can be quicker than expected


If you’ve lost all or most of your teeth, it is embarrassing to smile. Most patients who can best benefit from dentures are older. As people age, teeth, like bone becomes brittle and a lifetime of wear and tear on the teeth can result in tooth loss. There are many benefits of smiling such as an improved mood and happiness as well a greater confidence. Patients with a toothless smile lose out on these smiling benefits.

Dentures restores a toothless smile with a new full mouth of real-looking fake teeth. Most full dentures require patients to take them out when eating and at night for cleaning. Some partial dentures utilize implants to create dentures that are permanent and don’t require being taken out.

Dentures not only give patients their smiles back, but they also help strengthen the gum and jawbone tissue, preventing further dental issues.

Implants and Bridges

Do you have an embarrassing gap between your teeth cause by a missing tooth? While boxers may think it is a cool look, it doesn’t look that great on anyone else. It is worse when the missing tooth is in a prominent location such as in the front of the mouth.

Dental implants are small titanium rods that are inserted into the jawbone where the missing tooth was and is then capped with a toothlike crown.

Bridges are a great dental restoration option when there are a few consecutive missing teeth. The bridges are anchored on both sides of the bridge with dental implants. A string of crowns is then attached in between the implants.

Implants and bridges not only enhance one’s smile, but it can protect the jawbone from weakening and keep the remaining teeth (if there are any) in proper alignment and position.

There are many restorative dental procedures available to bring back to like your beautiful smile from the past.

If you think your smile can’t be repaired or you don’t know what the best restorative treatment option is for your specific dental need, contact us at Lincoln Dental Associates today and our dentists will be happy to go over all your restorative dental options.