Lincoln Dental Associates Dental Membership Plan

Dental insurance, or the lack thereof, is a big obstacle for many Americans. It is quickly feeling like a luxury item for employers to offer this type of benefit to employees and teeth are paying the price.

Even those who have insurance find that they struggle to afford the monthly premiums or discounted dental services. At Lincoln Dental Associates, we are passionate about healthy mouths, so we came up with a membership program to benefit patients.

Why It Matters

The University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation did some research on dental care and some of the discoveries were concerning. Approximately 28 percent don’t have dental insurance and 56 percent only go to a dentist for serious dental problems. Another troubling statistic is that more than half of the people surveyed for this study said they didn’t know if they would have access to insurance or where they would get it after retirement.

Regular cleanings, x-rays, and minor dental work are vital to keeping a mouth healthy. Plaque and tartar build up, holding bacteria against the teeth, which weakens their structure and irritates the gums. Having it removed every six months helps keep cavities, gum disease, and discoloring under control. If there are small cavities to be filled or other dental work that needs to be done, waiting too long can have serious consequences. Some side effects of avoiding needed dental work can include painful infection in the teeth and gums, root canals, jaw problems, and even losing teeth.

Our Solution

For those who are seeking a better way to pay for dental care, Lincoln Dental Associates offers a membership program for anyone without dental insurance, are paying too much for insurance, have retired, those looking for cosmetic procedures, emergency care, or those who just need to save money on dental care. There are two plans available: the Dental Membership Plan and the Perio Dental Membership Program. Both are affordable with yearly or monthly payment options and include the following benefits:

  • One yearly exam
  • One emergency exam
  • Two oral cancer screenings
  • Two periodontal screenings
  • Any needed X-rays, excluding 3D images
  • 20% off additional dental treatment
  • $500 off Invisalign clear aligners
  • 50% off teeth whitening
  • No annual fee

The Dental Membership Plan is $275 per year for adults or $27 per month, with prices for children 13 and younger $225 per year or $23 per month. Children on the plan receive two exams a year and two fluoride treatments. The Perio Dental Membership Plan is only offered to patients 14 years and older and costs $475 per year or $43 per month. It comes with three periodontal maintenance advantages to provide additional care for the gum tissue.

These plans are a great solution for patients in any family situation- families with kids, single people, married couples, or retired individuals. Whether you are a previous patient or a new one, our membership plan is an available option.

At the end of the day, providing a way for everyone to have healthy, beautiful smiles while keeping more money in their pockets is our goal. If you have questions about our programs or our office, feel free to contact us. We can discuss your individual circumstances or treatment needs to help you decide which Membership Programs is right for you.