At Lincoln Dental Associates, we know that paying for dental procedures can be a financial burden for patients. Even patients with dental insurance pay monthly premiums for discounted dental services.

Those that forgo dental insurance put their oral health at risk by not regularly visiting the dentist for routine cleanings and dental examinations.

Whether one has dental insurance or not, the price paid for needed dental procedures like dental crowns and bridges can be expensive. For cosmetic dental procedures that aren’t covered by dental insurance, the price can be enough to make patients settle for a smile that is less than what they want.

Dental costs can be significant regardless of whether one has dental insurance or not. With the potentially high costs of restoring the health of their teeth and gums, some patients choose to not seek professional dental treatment either right away or ever. They risk their oral health and beautiful smile.

Lincoln Dental Associates is introducing a membership program as an alternative to traditional dental insurance. These dental membership program options are affordable with yearly or monthly payment plans that are ideal for those without insurance, are paying too much for insurance, are about to lose their insurance, are looking to save money on dental care or are retired and in of need dental care.

  • NO deductibles or yearly allowed maximum
  • NO “missing tooth clause” or pre-existing condition limitations
  • NO exclusions for cosmetic or elective care
  • NO additional annual fees

At Lincoln Dental Associates we think that patients shouldn’t have to choose between dental costs and the look and health of their smile. Our no annual fee dental membership program is designed to help patients and their families maintain their healthy, beautiful smiles without worrying about the costs of essential, important dental care.

Whether you’re paying too much for dental insurance, are about to lose your dental insurance, or don’t have dental insurance check out Lincoln Dental Associates dental insurance alternative dental membership program. Our dental membership program is also available for new patients and their families.

Contact us today to learn more about our membership program options and how it can help give your family long-lasting healthy, beautiful smiles while also keeping money in your pocket.

We are here to give you the best of general and cosmetic dentistry in Lincoln. Also, we are proudly accepting new patients across the following areas:

  • Meadowlane
  • Hartley
  • University Place
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  • Belmont
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