Tooth Extraction & Emergency Tooth Extraction Lincoln NE

tooth extractions - removed teeth on examining table

A tooth extraction is the dental procedure of removing a tooth. At Lincoln Dental Associates, we do all we can  to preserve and restore teeth. Tooth extraction is something we don’t like to do and we only choose to do this procedure as a last resort. In many cases where a tooth extraction is the best option, extensive tooth decay or gum disease around the tooth not only caused too much damage to the tooth, but it also threatens to damage surrounding teeth and gum tissue. After your tooth is extracted, your body will gradually generate bone in the area, in essence, filling in the hole in the gumline.

The area where the tooth was extracted may be sore and sensitive and should be treated with gentleness and care while it is healing. Some things to avoid during the first 24-48 hours of healing are:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking through a straw
  • Vigorously swishing or rinsing your mouth
  • Eating crunchy, hard, rough foods or foods such as chips that can break and create sharp points and edges

It’s important to fill the space of the missing tooth as soon as possible after the area heals. Lincoln NE dental implants and full and partial dentures are some of the teeth replacement treatment options we at Lincoln Dental Associates offer patients. These restorative dental treatments not only eliminate embarrassing gaps in a patient’s smile, but they can restore and strengthen underlying jawbone and keep neighboring teeth from shifting out of proper positioning. Lincoln Dental Associates can assess the condition of your tooth to determine if it is best to have it extracted or assist you in determining which tooth extraction restoration option would be the best for you.