oral hygiene giftsChristmas is around the corner and if you’re struggling with what to get your loved one, a dental hygiene gift may be the practical gift they wouldn’t purchase for themselves, that they will love and cherish.

While this list may seem like a weird Christmas list that only a dentist would like, it could very well be what an oral hygiene enthusiast would get excited over:

At-home whitening products. Depending on how long your friend or family member has been an avid oral hygiene follower, he or she may have experimented with whitening strips in the past. There are many kinds of at home whitening products available. Many major dental product brands like Colgate have their own versions of whitening strips.

There are also whitening trays available. These are slightly more expensive and involve clear, plastic trays to be placed over the teeth.

Some people do better with strips and others with trays. Ask your friend or family member what they’ve tried in the past and what their preference is.

Electric toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes are a must for dental hygiene enthusiasts. The variations of electric toothbrushes are many. Some have extras such as varying speeds and interchangeable toothbrush and floss picks. Some basic electric toothbrushes are reasonably priced.

Even if your friend or relative already has an electric toothbrush, an extra one is always good to have. Electric toothbrushes do wear out over time as well as get dirtied with the accumulation of toothpaste and food particles.

If your loved one has an electric toothbrush they love, you can also consider getting replacement brush heads.

Fancy toothbrushes. If your loved one prefers manual toothbrushes, there are many specialty brushes out there including biodegradable ones and ones that are three-sided.

Floss pics. If your loved one is as paranoid of their dental health as you think they are, they likely can’t stand the feeling of objects getting lodged between their teeth.

Relief may be hard to come by when he or she is out of the house and in the office, working. One could carry dental floss, but the carton can be hard to discreetly carry in the pants pocket.

Dental picks are small, light and can easy be carried without being noticed. They are also disposable, making them hygienic. Floss picks are also relatively inexpensive and can be bought in bulk in many stores.


UV toothbrush cleaner. It is suggested that one’s toothbrush be changed every 3 months. What if your friend or family member has an electric toothbrush that still has a few years left? Why not get them a toothbrush cleaner?

The germs and bacteria that accumulate of toothbrushes can be tough to kill and remove. With a sophisticated toothbrush cleaner such as one that has powerful, germ-killing UV rays.


A trip to the dentist: If your loved one is without dental insurance, you can call our office, and schedule their cleaning, or other dental work for them. We are happy to help organize payments.

Dental hygiene is important, and your friend or family member knows it. Reward and support their zealous effort of preserving their healthy and beautiful smile with a cool dental hygiene Christmas gift.

While you’re out running errands for Christmas gifts, be sure to give yourself the gift of a great-looking, healthy smile with booking a teeth cleaning and dental exam appointment with Lincoln Dental Associates. Appointment times are filling up fast so contact us today.