Dentist in Lincoln, NEThe number of dentists in Lincoln offering almost identical services can be overwhelming and frustrating. How do you know which dentist is right for you and your family?

To better increase your chances of finding the right dentist in Lincoln, you’ll need to refine your search criteria.

You’ll need to know what your family’s unique, current dental needs are as well as possible future dental needs. Then begin looking at dentist offices in your community.

Another note to mention is that the closest Lincoln dental office to your home may not be the right fit for your family. Don’t limit yourself to only looking at dentists in a small radius around your home.

Here are some things to consider when looking for the right dentist for your family:

Services offered. You can count on every dentist offering the same basic services such as teeth cleaning, crowns, bridges, tooth extraction, dentures and the like. Ask yourself what your family needs now and down the road. Do you have pre-teens who may need braces later? Consider looking for a dentist that offers Invisalign. If you have a child who gets overly anxious to do to the dentist, find one that offers sedation dentistry.

Specialties. Competition in the dental field is fierce. Some dentist set themselves apart by specializing in a particular area of dentistry such as pediatric dentistry, holistic dentistry, sedation dentistry, implant dentistry or cosmetic dentistry. If you’re family has dental needs that go beyond the scope of general dentistry services, choosing one with the specialty your family needs is a good idea to consider.

Availability. A dental office that has a dentist who is hard to book an appointment with either means the dentist is very good and he or she has a lot of happy customers or he or she would rather be playing golf with friends than treating your kids’ cavities. Many dentists have limited hours, so it can already be hard to get all your kids in for even a routine checkup that fits into your busy schedule. If your schedule is flexible enough to accommodate the limited hours of a particular dental office, then great. Otherwise, look for an office that has hours more conducive to your busy schedule.

Insurance accepted. Not all dental offices accept the same insurance. Some dental offices offer low-cost financing options for patients who don’t have insurance. Others will only accept patients with insurance. If your family’s health insurance or dental plan limits where you can get your dental services, try out the dentists included in the network.

The look and feel of the dental office. The dentist office is no place many people want to be, especially children. Your family will have a better dental experience if they feel comfortable and welcomed. Ask for a tour of the office and take careful note of the waiting room, the dental chairs and the procedure rooms. What is the lighting like? How are the walls decorated? Are there TVs and toys available in the waiting room? Does the equipment look clean? Is the equipment old? How comfortable are the chairs? What is the temperate and noise level like?

Mannerisms, attitude and customer service skills of the staff and dentist. Just as important as the décor, and the look and feel of the dental office is the mannerisms of the dentist and staff. Does the receptionist smile and joyfully great each patient by name or does she not even acknowledge them? Is the staff welcoming, friendly and engaging with the patients? Are children rewarded after a successful teeth cleaning? Does the dentist and staff members take the time to get to know you and learn your family’s oral health goals or do they rush you through so they can get to the next patient?

While finding a dentist in your neighborhood is convenient, saving you time and gas money, the dentist who is the best fit for you family may be a little farther away.

A family dentist is someone your family will go to for many years and with whom you’d build a close relationship with.

At Lincoln Dental Associates, we understand the importance of building strong, lasting relationships with each patient. We are a family owned dental office that has been serving the Lincoln, NE community for 40 years.

If your family is looking for a dentist, contact us today to schedule an appointment with our dentist and staff and for a tour of our practice.