Why You Should Consider Same-Day Dental Implants on Father’s Day

Why You Should Consider Same-Day Dental Implants on Father’s Day

Jun 01, 2020

Father’s Day is an important time to appreciate the father figures in your life. Taking away from them is not the best kind of honor to accord to the men in your life. This means that even with your dental appointments, you should try to make time for your father. This, however, does not imply that you completely ignore your dental health. There is a way to go through with your dental treatment, and still make time to spend with your father on this Father’s Day. Have you heard of same-day treatments? Read on for more about the treatment and whether or not you should try them.

More About Same-Day Treatments

Same-day dental solutions feature immediate treatment options for patients who do not want to spend more time without a solution. The idea is to get through your dental treatment on the same day. This saves you a lot of time that you would have otherwise spent walking in and out of the dental facility. Dr. Brion Dalton recommends this kind of treatment to patients who have busy schedules and have to get back to their normal life routines as soon as possible.

That said, same-day treatments maybe your best option for getting your treatment and still celebrating Father’s Day with your family. One important factor to bear in mind is that some procedures can be conducted on the same day, but others cannot. Figuring out this should not trouble you since the dentist should guide you on the details of your treatment.

Dental Implants on Same-day Processes

Tooth replacement is an important service in dentistry that ensures that no patients have to live another day without teeth. while dentures are very convenient for full-mouth restorations, one may wonder about how a single or two teeth can be replaced. Thankfully, modern dentistry has introduced oral implants that are very reliable in replacing the missing tooth. The question that lingers is whether the procedure can be performed in one dental visit.

The implantation procedure involves a minor surgery, where the dentist must cut through your gums and drill your jawbone. This is the only way to successfully install an oral implant. Can this be done on the same day?

One main consideration is that the dental clinician must be qualified for conducting such a procedure successfully. Besides, you must ask the question, are you the right patient for it? Certain conditions have to be right before you undergo this procedure. Some of the things to take care of before your procedure include:

  1. Healthy bone tissue
  2. Healthy gum tissue
  3. Free from in-going medication
  4. Tooth extraction procedure – it is possible to place an implant on same-day processes if you have a tooth extracted at that time. This way, your tooth is removed and an implant is placed on immediately.

Benefits of Same-day Processes

At Lincoln Dental Associates, we encounter many patients who are concerned about the success of same-day procedures. Ideally, if you are on the fence about getting same-day procedures, perhaps considering the benefits thereof will help you make the right decision for you. Some benefits of same-day processes include the following:

  1. Fast results – when you think about going an extra day without a tooth, it can be overwhelming. In that case, you should consider same-day procedures. They have fast results since everything is done within one dental visit.
  2. Convenience – these procedures are convenient for anyone who has the dire need to resume normal activities of the day.
  3. Lesser downtime – as compared to getting single procedures done at a time, same-day processes have lesser downtime. Your body will do all the healing at the same time, without going through the same on a different dental session.
  4. Cosmetic advantage – same-day treatments mean that you do not have to compromise your smile. In the case of a missing tooth, you can have it replaced, and your smile restored.
  5. Prevent progression – the problem with waiting before you get treatment is that you create ample room for the problem to progress.
  6. Full mouth functionality – the only way your mouth will be fully functional after a dental tragedy is with same-day treatments. This way, your chewing, and talking will resume to normalcy. No one even has to know about your initial dental problem.

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