Which Is Best for You; Partial Denture or Full Dentures?

Which Is Best for You; Partial Denture or Full Dentures?

Aug 01, 2022

What Are Dentures?

They are multiple artificial teeth bound to a gum-like plastic-like base that restore missing teeth in dentistry. Dentists in 68505 typically use dentures to help restore optimal oral functionality for patients, given that teeth play a sizeable role in oral health.

For many years dentures were renowned for restoring old people’s teeth. The reason is that many people lose multiple, if not all, of their natural teeth because of age. However, since various factors can cause tooth loss, even young people can lose multiple teeth in one go. Does that mean that young people cannot get dentures?

Understanding Partial and Full Dentures

Many times when people talk about dentures, they refer to complete dentures. They feature all teeth, meaning that they work best for toothless patients. Therefore, if you have a few natural teeth remaining, a dentist near you would need to extract them before placing dentures. However, the introduction of partial & full dentures in Lincoln, NE, in modern dentistry provides patients with different options. Instead of removing your remaining teeth, you can receive a partial denture, replacing only the lost ones.

Role of Dentures in Oral Health

You will never quite appreciate the value of your natural teeth until you lose multiple of them in a go. Teeth are necessary for crucial functions like speech and eating. Since teeth are important for major functions of the mouth, Dr. Brion Dalton will begin your treatment immediately after tooth loss. At this point, the priority will be the functionality of your mouth.

However, teeth also play a big role in your aesthetics, supporting the facial muscles to frame your face. It is the reason cosmetic dentists near you will also recommend tooth replacement appliances like dentures to benefit your aesthetics. Fortunately, a dentist near you can replace all your missing teeth with dentures, whether you prioritize your smile’s aesthetics or your mouth’s functionality.

When Do You Need Dentures?

You are the perfect candidate for dentures as long as you lose more than three teeth in a row. For less than three subsequently missing teeth, visit a dental office in Lincoln to get dental bridges or dental implants, perfect for single-tooth replacements. Either way, any of the following factors can contribute to premature tooth loss:

  1. Periodontal disease – is perhaps the leading cause of tooth loss among adults. Periodontal diseases occur in two primary stages, gingivitis and periodontist. The early stage of the infection is gingivitis, which can often be managed to prevent permanent consequences. However, if you delay seeking treatment, you will suffer from periodontitis, which often causes tooth loss.
  2. Aging – the older you get, the more likely you will need tooth replacement treatment protocols at Lincoln Dental Associates.
  3. Dental injuries or accidents – the trauma you incur in your mouth after an accident often merits attention from an emergency dentist in Lincoln. While not everyone loses their teeth, several other injuries like fractures can necessitate tooth removal.
  4. Severe dental decay – if you leave dental cavities untreated for a long time, they progress enough to merit a drastic tooth extraction procedure.

Which Dentures Should You Choose?

The decision between partial and full dentures should not be complex, especially if you liaise with a denturist near you. Ideally, consider the following factors to make a suitable decision for your oral health:

  1. The number of missing teeth – if you have over 80% of your natural teeth missing, it would be more logical to get full dentures than partial ones.
  2. Preferences – if you want uniformity, you may be okay with extracting your remaining natural teeth to get dentures instead. However, some patients are adamant about retaining their natural teeth, whatever the cost.
  3. Risk of infection – if you are at a high risk of dental infections even the remaining healthy teeth in your mouth can get damaged and begin to fall off. Therefore, getting partials would defeat the point since you may soon require another denture to replace the other teeth. Complete dentures are perfect for patients with underlying health problems that may increase the rate of oral infections, including diabetes and cancer.
  4. Convenience – would it be convenient to undergo several tooth extractions before getting dentures? If retaining your remaining teeth is more convenient than removing them, then partials would be a better fit for your tooth replacement treatment.

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