When Tooth Extraction is Necessary

When Tooth Extraction is Necessary

Aug 01, 2019

As dentists, we do all we can to avoid extracting a patient’s tooth or teeth. This is because permanent adult teeth can’t be replaced by another natural tooth like baby or primary teeth can. Whether the tooth gets knocked out or falls out due to extensive tooth decay, missing teeth immediately ruins one’s smile, makes it more difficult to speak clearly or chew properly and it could lead to additional oral health conditions. On top of that, missing teeth can lessen one’s self-confidence and overall well being.

It is important to take good care of one’s natural, permanent teeth. However, sometimes the best oral health measures involve tooth extractions. Below are common conditions that warrant tooth extractions:

Broken Teeth

Accidents happen when teeth get knocked loose or are knocked out completely. While teeth that have been lost due to trauma can be saved if the tooth is found, handled correctly and is quickly re-inserted by a dental professional, sometimes the tooth is not found, or the roots are too damaged or too much time lapses and the tooth dies.

For teeth that have been broken or severely chipped, they may need to be extracted as they have become too compromised and vulnerable for additional breakage or tooth decay.

Teeth That Are Decayed

While most  instances of tooth  decay can be treated with fillings, crowns or root canals, sometimes the decay becomes too widespread for the tooth to be saved. Abscessed teeth are prime examples of this. Abscessed teeth can become very painful and can pose the risk of spreading tooth decay and gum disease to nearby teeth and gum tissue. To ultimately save the other teeth and to keep the bacteria from destroying the gum tissue and the underlying jawbone, the abscessed tooth is often extracted.

Crooked or Misshapen Teeth

Sometimes patients have teeth that don’t grow in correct position. Crowded teeth, overbites and under bites can result as can embarrassing, large gaps in between teeth. This kind of tooth extraction is often done on young patients who are getting prepared for braces or young adults getting their unnecessary wisdom teeth removed. This kind of smile preserving tooth extraction, however, can and is done on adults as well to help give them the straight, beautiful smile they need and deserve.

Tooth Extraction Solutions

When a tooth or teeth are extracted, there are a few different treatment options to fill in the embarrassing gap or gaps left over. The most common treatments are implants and bridges.

Our Lincoln NE dental implants are ideal for closing tooth extraction gaps left from a single tooth extraction or multiple tooth extractions that aren’t located near each other in the mouth. Implants are made of a titanium post that is inserted into the jaw bone, an abutment and a natural-looking artificial crown. These crowns are made of durable, long-lasting porcelain or composite resin and is colored in a way to make it blend in with your natural teeth. Since the crown is attached to the post that is securely inserted into the jaw bone, Lincoln NE dental implants last many years, can be taken care of the same way you care for the rest of your natural teeth and gives you a secure, comfortable, confident wear.

Dental bridges are used to replace the gaps caused from the extraction of multiple neighboring teeth. The same realist-looking crowns are used and may or may not be held in place by dental implants. Sometimes the intact, natural teeth on either side of the gap are themselves covered with crowns to complete and securely affix the bridge. Like dental implants, dental crowns can last many years, look like your natural teeth and won’t accidentally slide or fall out of the mouth from harsh use.

While we a Lincoln Dental Associates do all we can to improve the look and health of our patients’ smiles without extracting any teeth, sometimes the best way to ensure a patient’s superb oral health is by tooth extraction. Broken or abscessed teeth are common reasons teeth need to be extracted. After teeth are extracted, dental implants and dental bridges are two of the common ways to treat gaps that extracted teeth leave behind.

Whether you have an abscessed tooth or your lost tooth can’t be found, the dental professionals at Lincoln Dental Associates can help restore your smile. Contact us today to learn more about tooth extractions in Lincoln NE.

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