What Is the Best Alternative to Dental Bridges?

What Is the Best Alternative to Dental Bridges?

Jun 02, 2022

When you lose a couple of teeth, you find an overwhelming need to get replacements to avoid the consequences of tooth loss. You might visit the dentist near you to inquire about replacement solutions for your missing teeth.

Depending on your unique needs, you might receive an offer to have dental bridges near you as substitutes for your missing teeth. However, you might wonder whether they are the best replacement solution or can you get better alternatives to dental bridges. Options for dental bridges are undoubtedly available but are you willing to undergo an intensive procedure to have them replace your missing teeth? If you are, the dental office in Lincoln offers you an excellent alternative with implant-supported dental bridges to close the gap in your mouth.

What Are Dental Bridges?

A traditional bridge consists of two parts. The first is an artificial tooth called Pontic, and it is assigned the role of replacing your missing tooth. The second part is the abutment that anchors the Pontic in place. Dental crowns serve as abutments bonded to the adjacent natural teeth on either side of the gap left by the missing tooth. For your abutment teeth to hold bridges securely before bonding over the natural teeth, tooth structure removal is necessary by filing and recontouring the tooth.

If you are not in favor of dental bridges and think you must have a permanent solution, the dentist in 68505 recommends an implant-supported bridge held by dental implants. In this case, each artificial tooth receives support from a dental implant. If you cannot have one dental implant for every missing tooth, an implant-supported bridge can have pontics anchored by the dental crowns of the implants.

Implant-supported bridges are more secure than other varieties. Unlike traditional bridges, they don’t require the reshaping of natural teeth. Unfortunately, implant-supported bridges require months before you can have replacement teeth for your missing ones.

Why Do Implant-Supported Bridges Require More Time?

Implant-supported bridges require surgery to embed a dental implant in your jawbone and sufficient time to recover from the surgical process before you can have an artificial tooth mounted over it. Your body must integrate with the dental implant to make it part of your body and function as your artificial tooth root.

If you consider implant-supported dental bridges, you invest in a long-term solution that doesn’t require replacements or care similar to other replacement solutions. However, you must adhere to your dentist’s instructions and quit harmful habits like smoking after the implants are embedded in your jawbone. You also do not qualify for implant-supported bridges if you are affected by immunosuppressive conditions that can hinder the healing process.

After having dental implants inserted in your jawbone, the titanium post must osseointegrate with your body to provide a stable base for your artificial tooth. If you wish to close the gap in your mouth right away, Dr. Brion Dalton provides a temporary dental crown over the implant for aesthetic purposes. However, the temporary tooth needs replacement after recovering from the surgical process. After that, you can have a customized dental crown over the implant appearing and functioning like your natural tooth.

Getting implant-supported bridges is more expensive than other replacement solutions. However, it provides you a lifelong replacement for your missing teeth requiring minimal care so long as you maintain excellent dental hygiene.

Caring for Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant-supported bridges do not need special attention besides maintaining excellent dental hygiene. However, you must brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each with fluoride toothpaste, floss at least once regardless of the time of the day, and get regular dental checkups to ensure plaque buildup does not develop around the implants.

Plaque buildup is the primary cause of gum disease that results in implant failure. If you are not diligent with your dental health and habits and neglect regular dental checkups, you might develop infections in your mouth to need treatments from the emergency dentist in Lincoln. However, if you care for the implants as recommended by your dentist, you can rest assured the artificial teeth will remain with you for a lifetime.

When you seek replacements for missing teeth, you have dentures, dental bridges, and implants. Dental implants are optimal and the best solution for replacing teeth. However, if you want an alternative to dental bridges, the dentist recommends implant-supported bridges providing you a replacement representing the best of both worlds.

If you seek replacements for missing teeth, Lincoln Dental Associates provides dental bridges of different types. Kindly contact them for the best solution suitable for your needs today.

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