Tips By Pediatric Dentistry For Kids to Brush Correctly

Tips By Pediatric Dentistry For Kids to Brush Correctly

Oct 02, 2019

It is important to brush and floss our teeth the right way to keep our dental health in good condition. This applies to kids as well. Parents must make it a point to make their kids learn the right dental hygiene techniques from a young age so that they can reap the benefits in the long run. The dentist in 68505 says that it is your responsibility to brush your kid’s teeth till the time they turn 6-7 years old.

When it is time to let your kids brush on their own, you must supervise when they brush to make sure that they do it the right way. Brushing or flossing alone is not important; it is the technique that matters. You need to make your child brush their teeth twice a day. Here’s a look at some tips for your kids to brush correctly.

  • It is important to make gentle strokes while brushing so that the kids don’t end up damaging their enamel. Aggressive brushing is a big NO. Also, the brush should have soft bristles and not hard ones as they can again harm the enamel. The child should make circular strokes and hold the brush at a 45-degree angle.
  • Fluoride toothpaste must be used for children so that their enamel gets the strength and ability to fight against the cavity. For kids who are less than 2 years old, only a small amount should be used. For kids aged between 2 to 5, pea-sized toothpaste can be used.
  • Parents should try to set an example for the children. Kids tend to follow everything that their parents do. Thus, if you brush in front of your kids, they will be tempted to do the same. Asking your kids to brush may not motivate them to follow your command. Setting an example for kids is the right way of making them brush as well, says the dentist near Lincoln, NE.
  • If your kid acts fussy to brush at night before bedtime, try to link brushing with some kind of reward. If the child agrees to brush their teeth at night, offer them to read a story from their favorite book or comic.
  • For younger kids, cartoons and animated characters are always a fascination. So why not allow your child to choose a brush on their own. Take them to the supermarket and let them pick a toothbrush with their favorite animated character. This will make them look forward to using the brush and they will happily agree to brush.
  • When the child grows up a little, try to explain to him/ her about the importance of dental hygiene and why it’s important to brush and floss every day. This may not be possible with toddlers, but young kids will certainly understand and agree to brush whenever you ask them to.

Apart from making them learn the importance and technique for brushing, it is also important to make them familiar with the dental clinic and your dentist. Routine brushing and flossing alone can’t help in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. You need to take them to the dentist as well for routine cleaning and examination. This helps in keeping decay and plaque at bay along with other dental issues.

Talk to your child in advance about the dental clinic visit so that they are not in a state of shock as some kids are anxious about seeing the dentist. Ask them about their fears and what is making them uncomfortable. This will help you in solving their queries and pacifying them.

Try to consult a family or pediatric dentist for your child as they are aware of various ways of making any child feel comfortable during the dental appointment. Allow your child to take their favorite soft toy to the clinic as it will help in distracting them during the appointment.

The Pediatric Dentistry in Lincoln, NE, has a child-friendly environment and bright lights to make the child feel comfortable. The dentists are warm and friendly with children and often have TVs in their rooms to distract the kids. They talk to the kids gently and are empathetic towards their needs.

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