The Use Of Dental Bridges For Misplaced Teeth

The Use Of Dental Bridges For Misplaced Teeth

Oct 01, 2021

Misplaced teeth can occur due to several reasons. However, with dental bridges, misplaced teeth don’t stop you from having a good dental structure. According to Dr. Brion Dalton, most people are scared of seeing the dentist than getting a dental treatment. This is because they have little or no knowledge about these dental procedures and how can help improve their dental health. Ever heard about dental bridges and how they can enhance your teeth structure? Visit a dentist in Lincoln today, if you have a misplaced tooth or teeth.

Dental bridges are dental appliances that help fill up an unnecessary space that a misplaced tooth or teeth have created. It is a fixed fake tooth that is used to replace a missing tooth or teeth and thereby performing the functions of an actual tooth or teeth. The dental bridge consists of artificial teeth (pontics) and an abutment. To place the dental bridge, an abutment (a structure that functions as a root for the pontic) has to be placed thereby allowing the pontic to be positioned between it. The pontic can either be porcelain, alloy, or metal material. Sometimes the patient might have too many missing teeth thereby needing a full-mouth restoration. In this case, the patient is advised to make use of dentures or other dental procedures that could be of great help. You can see a dentist near you or a dentist in 68505 for recommendations on dental procedures that suit you best.

Why You Might Need A Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are beneficial in taking care of various following dental issues.

Dental bridges can help correct a biting or chewing problem that has been caused by misplaced teeth or teeth loss. Also, when a person has a missing tooth, the surrounding tooth might shift to the misplaced tooth’s space. When this happens, your dental structure begins to have crooked teeth thereby making your dental structure look disorganized. A dental bridge can prevent the surrounding teeth from occupying the missing tooth’s space.

A dental bridge can also beautify your smile. A misplaced tooth or teeth can cause some smiling or self-confidence issues. The use of a dental bridge can enhance your dental appearance.

Types Of Dental Bridges

With dental bridges, you can make a choice and also get a type of dental bridge that best suits you. There are varieties of dental bridges that are being manufactured for dental structure enhancement.

  • Traditional bridges: The conventional dental bridge is the most common dental bridge that has been around for a long time. They require the use of dental crowns (tooth-shaped dental accessories that are used in place of an actual tooth or teeth) which have to be placed with a fake tooth in the middle. They are often used to restore the molar or premolar (posterior teeth). They are made up of ceramic, all-metal gold, and porcelain fused to metal materials. Although there are other new dental bridges in the dental world, some people still prefer the traditional dental bridge because of its strength. You can get traditional dental bridges around you.
  • Cantilever Bridges: Unlike the traditional dental bridge, cantilever bridges are used for patients who still have real teeth around the missing teeth. Instead of supporting the fake tooth (pontic) on both sides, they only require support on one side while the natural tooth on the other side supports the pontic. They are made of porcelain fused to metal materials which means that they look like natural tooth although they are also made of metal. Since they look like natural teeth, they are not easily noticeable like traditional bridges which are made up of metal. With too much pressure the porcelain might wear off easily. This is why cantilever bridges are often not recommended for patients who have a habit of grinding their teeth because it is not as tough as the traditional dental bridge. Also, dentists often place cantilever bridges on the front teeth due to the intense functions that are usually performed by the back teeth thus, they can easily break or wear out easily if they are placed at the back teeth. If your cantilever dental bridge gets shattered by accident you can see an emergency dentist in lincoln to get a new one.
  • Maryland Bridges: They are different from traditional and cantilever bridges. They don’t require too much tooth removal or tooth availability to be placed. They are made up of porcelain and porcelain fused to metal materials. They are often used to restore the front teeth excluding the incisors due to their crucial role in food chewing and biting. There is a metal wing that is often attached to Maryland bridges which aids its balance and stability. Nowadays the wings are also made up of porcelain thereby making your teeth look all-natural.

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