The Role of Endodontics in Your Smile

The Role of Endodontics in Your Smile

Jul 01, 2020

When you think about beautifying your smile, endodontics is not a procedure that comes to mind. The fact that endodontics has been popularized as a restorative procedure in dentistry, it hardly comes to mind that there is a place for this treatment in your smile.

Achieving a beautiful smile is something that can help increase your self-confidence and boost the quality of your life. While cosmetic procedures are great, read on to understand the role of endodontics in smile beautification.

What Is Endodontics?

It is a dental procedure that involves root canal therapy to repair and restore damaged teeth. On most occasions, it is known as root canal treatment. Most of the patients that come to Lincoln Dental Associates for endodontic treatment suffer from dental decay.

The Process of endodontics involves removing the damaged part of your teeth, to save your natural tooth. This is founded on the idea that teeth are supposed to last you a lifetime, and therefore, if they can be saved, they should be.

How Does Endodontics Work?

The process of root canal treatment happens in several stages. They include:

  • Local anesthesia – this will numb you from the discomfort of the procedure. Besides, if you are needing the treatment, chances are that you are already in pain due to the infection and damage.
  • Drilling – this creates a small hole on your tooth, creating access to the insides thereof.
  • Removing the pulp and infection – the contents of the pulp, that is, nerve endings, blood vessels, and other soft tissues are sucked out. The reason is that this area has incurred damage which would explain the severe toothaches you have had. While at it, the endodontist will also remove all the infection in your tooth including any abscess.
  • Filling and sealing – since some room has been created by removing part of your tooth, a filling is necessary. A dental filling will often get the job done. However, sometimes a dental crown will be placed over the tooth to hold everything in place.

Perks of Endodontic Treatment

Dr. Brion Dalton spends a lot of time, saving teeth through endodontic procedures, intending to achieve healthier mouths. In the long-run, there are advantages to endodontic treatment, even cosmetic ones. They include:

  • A healthy mouth is a beautiful smile – when you do not have bad mouth odor or infection you want to hide from people, you have a healthy mouth. Whenever you are feeling healthy, your confidence shoots up, and you can exude the confidence from within.
  • The pain will kill your smile – unless you kill the pain caused by an infection in the nerves of your teeth, that pain will come to destroy your smile.
  • Dental fillings and dental crowns have cosmetic advantages – after a root canal procedure, the attending dentist may put a dental filling or a dental crown. For any of the two oral devices, you can choose a tooth-colored material, to match the color of your natural teeth. This will bring about consistency in your smile, without any discoloration from dental decay.
  • A beautiful smile comes from within – when you are not feeling your best, no amount of makeup can make you feel beautiful. The same applies to teeth. Your smile is as beautiful as you feel. Treating and repairing damage in your teeth through a root canal can help your channel your inner beauty through your smile.
  • Long-term success – most cosmetic procedures cover up the flaws in your mouth. The only problem with this is that the perfection in your smile is short-lived. After a couple of years, you will still have a problematic smile. On the contrary, endodontics sorts out the root problem in your teeth, giving you longer-lasting results to share your beautiful smile with the world.
  • Healthy gums equal a beautiful smile – you may not know is yet but the health of your gums is at risk when your teeth are damaged. The infection in your tooth gradually progresses to other parts of your oral cavity, including the gum tissue. If endodontics is not performed, you will start encountering problems like gum recession. This will compromise the beauty of your smile.

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