Share a Mother’s Day Gift by Offering Your Mother a Smile Makeover

Share a Mother’s Day Gift by Offering Your Mother a Smile Makeover

May 01, 2020

Mother’s Day is not far away and if you are planning to surprise your mother with a gift what would be better than offering her a smile makeover that would leave her smiling graciously throughout the year? If you have not considered this option we suggest you search for the best dentist around you in the field of cosmetic dentistry. The words dentist cosmetic should not confuse you into believing this is just a temporary makeover just for Mother’s Day and will not have any value thereafter.

You must attempt to understand that cosmetic dentistry has different products and procedures that can improve the lives of people with their help. If your mother needs teeth whitening or dental veneers, inlays and Onlays or dental bonding or any other procedure you can rest assured a smile makeover will improve her life by the gift you provide. Still, confused about what is a smile makeover? Let us give you more information about this subject.

Cosmetic Dentistry — What Is It?

The word cosmetic may appear misleading to you because it may suggest that the treatments being offered are simply superficial and cannot help you in any other way. It would be understandable if you believe having whiter teeth will not make chewing better for your mother. However, it is also true that your mother will have a great smile after the whitening treatment that will make you feel look better because you made the right choice and gave her a smile makeover. If your mother has a chipped tooth it may not be concerning you or her immediately but the problem can easily be solved by dental bonding because it can improve the way she appears. You cannot think in just cosmetic terms but must also consider the other aspects and benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

What Else Can a Smile Makeover Do for Your Mother?

A smile makeover can do many things but the most important among them for your mother would be:

Improved Appearance

Looking better is beneficial even for your mother because it will make her feel better about herself. It will improve the way she interacts with you and others to believe her self-worth is better. If she has stained and discolored teeth that are preventing her from smiling it makes sense to give her dental veneers or teeth whitening to solve the problem. She will have the ability to show you her full smile when she meets you on Mother’s Day.

Improved Self-Confidence

It is difficult to measure the benefits of improved self-confidence because our self-esteem impacts our lives from our personal relationships or even professional careers. Your mother could be smiling from the inside but be unable to reflect the smile from the outside as well. The treatments of cosmetic dentistry such as dental bonding can improve the appearance of chipped and cracked teeth which can improve self-confidence as well.

Improved Chewing Ability

Missing a single tooth makes it difficult to chew certain types of foods but missing several teeth can impact the way we eat. An uneven bite may be preventing your mother from chewing properly and making digestion difficult. It could be the reason for her refusal to join you for dinner on Mother’s Day. Cosmetic dentistry treatments like inlays and Onlays can help to strengthen her bite and improve her ability to chew food.

Improvement in Dental Health

Cosmetic dentistry will not only improve her appearance but also protect against dental issues that may be forthcoming. Restorations like dental crowns can prevent damaged teeth from additional deterioration. Dental implants can inhibit damages to the gums and bone. A smile makeover with proper dental hygiene and regular checkups can improve overall oral health.

Better Financial Outlook

Avoiding future problems is the goal of preventive dentistry but we can also avoid expensive dental treatment that can help to save money. Lincoln Dental Associates can provide dental implants that can not just protect the gums and bone but also prevent the teeth from shifting. When these problems are left unchecked they may lead to an aggravated condition that will need invasive treatments.

It is suggested that you do not waste your money on gifts that are not valuable in these difficult times but schedule a consultation with Dr. Brion Dalton to give your mother an invaluable gift on Mother’s Day she will cherish for the rest of her life.

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