Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Aug 01, 2019

There are multiple options for replacing missing teeth, but for almost all of them, you’ll have to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Lincoln.

You could continue to live with the anxiousness, frustration, and overall lower quality of life by not doing anything about your missing teeth.

Or you can take charge of your life and repair and restore your smile with these restorative dental procedures:

  • Dental Implants. This missing tooth replacement option is ideal for patients with one or a few missing teeth. Dental implants are made up of a titanium post that is inserted into the jaw where the missing tooth was located. On top of the post, an abutment is attached and a tooth-like crown then tops the implant off. Only the tooth-shaped, tooth-like crown is visible.
  • Patients who have multiple missing teeth that were located next to each other can be best treated with a bridge. There are various types and sizes of bridges available. The most common types of bridges include: implant supported bridges, tooth supported bridges, and resin bonded bridges. Each of these types of dental bridges are highly durable and last many years. Most type of bridges are considered permanent, meaning they don’t have to be taken out when eating or sleeping overnight.
  • Partial Dentures. These forms of teeth replacement are ideal for those who are missing more teeth that can be best treated with implants and bridges, but aren’t missing all their teeth which would warrant full dentures. Common partial denture types include cast metal partial dentures and flipper removable partial dentures. Flippers are often used as a temporary treatment for patients waiting for implants to heal and/or awaiting additional orthodontic work.
  • Full Dentures. Full dentures are ideal for patients who have lost all or most of their teeth. Patients who have only a few remaining teeth will likely have those removed so the full denture can be inserted. The conventional full dentures are still in use, though newer, more comfortable, more natural-looking and more secure dentures are now offered by dentists, including Lincoln Dental Associates. At our Lincoln dental office, we offer patients All on Four implant supported dentures. These permanent full dentures are comfortable, natural-looking and don’t need to be removed to eat or taken out at night to be cleaned.

You don’t have to live with a lowered self-esteem, difficulty eating or speaking or lack of confidence and happiness because of missing teeth.

If you’re tired of hiding your smile because of missing teeth, contact us today to set an appointment. Our trained and experienced staff will recommend the best option for replacing missing teeth for you.

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