On-the-go Products to Keep Your Smile Radiant

On-the-go Products to Keep Your Smile Radiant

Aug 01, 2019

You know that the daily routine of cleaning your teeth and gums through teeth brushing and flossing is crucial in maintaining a beautiful, radiant smile. However, there is a big chunk of the day when you’re not at home, and thus have access to your toothbrush and toothpaste.

At work you don’t want to get up every so often to go to the bathroom to floss your teeth after every snack you eat. It’s also spring, and summer is on its way, so many people are heading out on vacation where you’re more likely to indulge in rich foods and sweet treats.

It can be hard to keep your smile radiant while constantly on the go, so here are a few products to help you out:

  • Teeth Wipes. Teeth wipes are a quick, convenient, discreet way to wipe the surface of your teeth. They have built-in materials and compounds that keep your fingers from getting saliva on them and they keep the germs from your fingers from entering the mouth.
  • Travel-Sized Dental Floss. Dental floss is an effective way to prevent plaque from building up and creating cavities. A small, compact-sized dental floss is easy to carry in a purse, laptop bag or pocket.
  • Whitening Strips. When it comes to whitening strips, you may think of inconvenient messiness, discomfort and a substantial time commitment. However, there are some teeth whitening strips that don’t require gels or trays and can remove teeth stains in five minutes.
  • Specialty Chewing Gums. Chewing gum is a great way to stimulate saliva production and freshen breath. Saliva is your mouth’s natural mouth wash and it washes and dislodges germs, bacteria and food debris that would turn into cavity-causing plaque. There are some gums that go beyond temporarily giving you fresh breath and a clean mouth feeling. Some gums, such as Trident Xtra Care contains added nutrients such as calcium which strengthens teeth and fills in crevices on and around teeth where plaque can accumulate.
  • Pocket Sulcabrush. These brushes have tapered bristled tips designed to fit in between teeth and around the gum line. It is recommended by some dentists to supplement flossing.
  • Green Tea Mints. Mints are a good way to freshen breath and increase saliva production. These green tea mints contain green tea extract which is believed to reduce cavities.
  • Proxabrush Tapered Travel Bristle Brush. These soft-bristled brushed are pointed and tapered in a way to clean debris from on and between teeth.
  • Proxi-Stick. This soft plastic dental pick and perio-aid bends providing the removal of food and plaque even in the hard-to-reach places. It helps keep teeth clean and bright and gums healthy. Moreover, they are inexpensive and compact, allowing you to carry multiple ones in a small case that you can easily fit into your pocket.
  • Peroxide Teeth Whitening Pen Gel Tooth Cleaning Bleaching Kit. Want an easy, quick, discreet way to brighten your smile on the go? Teeth whitening gel pens contain fast-acting bleaching agents and an easy, quick way to apply the gel onto the teeth.
  • Floss Picks. These disposable, plastic flossing aids make flossing quick, easy, clean and hygienic. On top of this, they are cheap and can be found at the grocery store.
  • Limit Snacking and Drink Plenty of Water. Constant snacking causes food particle and bacteria to build-up faster than cleaning it out. Some snacks such as crackers, dried fruit and pretzels are especially notorious for leaving food particles between teeth. Drinking plenty of water is a great way to regularly clean out food particles. Water is good for the body and doesn’t include any added sugars to add to the plaque build-up.

A busy lifestyle and travel are not excuses to let your oral hygiene slip. There are many tools and products available that can help you keep your radiant smile while on the go.

Besides daily, at-home oral hygiene, regular dental office visits are also needed for optimal oral health.

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