Is Getting a Crown a Painful Procedure?

Is Getting a Crown a Painful Procedure?

Dec 01, 2022

A tooth crown, also known as a dental cap, is an artificially made tooth cover that is placed on top of a pontic tooth to act as a crown. The purpose of a dental cap is to restore a tooth’s normal shape, size, and functionality.

Before taking you through the dental crown procedure and answering the question of whether the crown placement procedure is painful, you need to first understand what a crown is, the best types of crowns in the market, and the role they play in promoting good oral care.

But first, here are reasons why one may need to get dental crowns in Lincoln.

  • Damaged tooth

When a tooth breaks or cracks due to oral trauma or other causes, visit an Emergency Dentist In Lincoln because the damage suffered will compromise the tooth’s integrity and functionality. This will definitely affect your smile appearance and may as well interfere with your chewing. One of the best ways of restoring the original tooth’s shape, size, and support for it to function properly is getting a crown at Lincoln Dental Associates.

  • Tooth discoloration

A tooth crown can be recommended by a dentist near you for cosmetic reasons too. For example, dental crowns improve the smile appearance of people with dental flaws such as discolored teeth, poorly aligned teeth, and teeth of disproportionate size.

  • Missing tooth

When you lose a tooth, the gap left behind causes the adjacent teeth to shift out of place or wear unevenly, hence why Dr. Brion Dalton, a dentist in 68505, recommends early tooth replacement. There are various teeth replacement options, and one of the most popular is dental implants topped with implant crowns. It involves placing an implant on healthy gums and jawbone and fixing a tooth crown at the top to improve tooth appearance and function.

  • Tooth decay

Tooth decay is normally a result of poor dental hygiene, and it weakens a tooth’s structure. If you have a tooth affected in such a way, you can get a tooth crown to cover it and make it stronger again. This is usually the case if your tooth has not suffered extensive decay.

  • Root canal

Following the completion of a root canal procedure, it is necessary for a dental crown to be placed at the tooth’s top part to seal bacteria out and prevent them from causing infection.

How Long Does a Crown Tooth Procedure Take?

A fully functioning dental crown will require at least two visits to our dentist in Lincoln for it to be placed unless you opt for same-day crowns. When getting multi-day crowns, your dental practitioner will examine and prepare your tooth that requires the crown. This may involve dental x-rays and an oral exam. Next, the professional will file down some parts of the tooth’s outer layer, and an impression of the trimmed tooth and surrounding teeth is taken.

A temporary tooth cap is placed over your tooth as a form of protection as you wait for the permanent crown to be made. This may take a number of weeks. When the crown is set back from the dental lab, you will return for your second appointment, where the permanent crown will be cemented to your tooth.

When getting same-day crowns, your dental practitioner will take digital images of your oral cavity. These pictures will provide the details needed for the crown to be made right there at your dentist’s office. Making the tooth crown will take around an hour or two.

Once it is ready, the dentist will cement it in place. This whole process will last for about two to four hours. You should, however, note that not all dental offices have the technical skills and technology to make same-day dental crowns. Make sure to ask the dentist if the same-day crown is available and how much it will cost.

How Many Crowns Can You Get at One Time?

How many crowns you get at a single visit will vary depending on the type of crown you choose and how long your visit is scheduled to take. For instance, one-day crowns need just a single visit at our Dental Office In Lincoln. However, these crowns have a short life span compared to permanent dental crowns.

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