How Tooth Extractions Can Help Improve Your Dental Health

How Tooth Extractions Can Help Improve Your Dental Health

Dec 01, 2021

Tooth Extractions

From an early age, every visit to the dentist near you was centered on improving the condition of your permanent teeth so that they last until old age. With this in mind, you may have an issue when the dentist informs you that you must have a tooth removed. Here is some information to help you understand how having that tooth pulled out improves your dental health.

What Are Tooth Extractions?

They are standard dental procedures where a tooth is removed from its dental alveolus socket or the gum tissues by a dental professional. This procedure is performed after a suitable anesthetic is administered for a comfortable and pain-free experience. There are two types of tooth extractions, simple and surgical extractions. A surgical extraction is performed when the tooth is stuck in the gums or cannot erupt out of the gums.

What Are Simple Tooth Extractions?

These types of tooth removal are conducted when the crown of the tooth to be extracted is visible over the gum line. Simple tooth extractions are performed to correct overcrowding or for teeth that are severely infected and too decayed.

The dentist will use a dental elevator to loosen the tooth. Next, the tooth and its roots are pulled away from the jawbone and gum tissues.

Reasons for Extracting Teeth

Tooth extraction near you may be done due to some of the following reasons:

  1. The dentist may resolve severe overcrowding with a simple tooth extraction. Before several orthodontic treatments, you may have a tooth or several pulled out by the dentist. It creates room for the rest of the teeth to move in the ideal position.
  2. Some individuals ignore cavities instead of seeking treatment from a dentist. Bacteria from the cavity spread to the tooth pulp, infects it, and damages the entire tooth structure. Extraction is required to prevent the infection from spreading to the surrounding gums, jaw bone, teeth, and circulatory system.
  3. After severe dental trauma, the tooth may be damaged beyond repair, therefore, requiring an extraction. In other cases, trauma may affect the tooth from the roots and keep damaging it over time until extraction is inevitable.
  4. The back molars usually referred to as the wisdom teeth, may need to be removed through a surgical extraction by a dental specialist. A wisdom tooth extraction is carried out to prevent impaction and infection when the jaw is not big enough for all your teeth.
  5. When a tooth cannot erupt through the gum tissue since it is stuck behind a primary tooth, the primary tooth is extracted to allow the permanent tooth to erupt. Other times, the erupting tooth may be obstructed by a permanent tooth causing an impaction. A surgical extraction is carried out to ease the pain and treat the infection.

Benefits of Tooth Extraction

Here are ways whereby tooth extractions can help improve your teeth.

  1. When the dentist in Lincoln extracts a tooth for orthodontic reasons such as correcting overcrowding and misalignment, the remaining teeth adjust to their proper places. As a result, you will have teeth that function well and a more beautiful smile.
  2. Extracting a severely infected tooth saves the rest of the teeth by preventing the infection from spreading to them and the gums.
  3. Removing a tooth that aches drastically reduces the pain levels. Extraction allows you to brush and floss the remaining teeth as required and even consume a diet that promotes good oral health.
  4. When an impacted tooth is removed, the other teeth are protected from being damaged, and the risk of overcrowding decreases.
  5. The dentist in Lincoln will explain to you the reasons that have contributed to having the tooth extracted. Armed with this knowledge, you will prevent the same problems from affecting the remaining teeth.

If you must have a tooth removed, you should not be anxious about the procedure. Today, tooth extraction is not the excruciating experience it was decades ago. Instead, our dentist, Dr. Brion Dalton, uses modern techniques and offers you several sedation choices to ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure.

The dental team at Lincoln Dental Associates is dedicated to ensuring that extraction is beneficial to your long-term oral health. Please schedule an appointment with our dentist, who will assess the tooth carefully to determine whether an extraction is inevitable or other dental treatments can save your tooth.

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