3 Critical Things You Didn’t Know About Kids’ Cavities

3 Critical Things You Didn’t Know About Kids’ Cavities

Jul 01, 2019

It is time to take childhood tooth decay more seriously. For that purpose, Lincoln Dental Associates, our Lincoln dentist provides expert pediatric dental care. Here are three major factors that concern children’s dental health.

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  • Tooth Decay Is the Most Common Childhood Disease

Since more than four million toddlers develop cavities, childhood tooth decay should not be ignored. Furthermore, tooth decay in younger kids is increasing. Why? You might ask. Well, today many youngsters consume a diet rich in sugar. Also, fewer water supplies are enriched with fluoride. Lastly, not every family has dental coverage to help manage the cost of oral care.

  • Mouth Bacteria Can Spread

Keep in mind; tooth decay is catchy. Yes, it is a contagious disease. To clarify, the bacteria that causes cavities to combine with sugar. This creates a damaging acid that breaks down tooth enamel. What’s more, when this substance remains unremoved, it will become cavity-causing plaque.

Even more, parents and other caregivers can deliver oral bacterium to infants. Of course, preschoolers can get cavities without these bacteria. However, the transmission of it increases the risk.

Therefore, your dentist Lincoln NE, 68505, will discuss pediatric oral health with parents. So, if your kid is at high risk for developing cavities, talk to your Lincoln dentist. It is our goal to help your youngster remain cavity-free throughout childhood.

  • Weakened Enamel Can Repair Itself (Up to A Point)

If young teeth are constantly exposed to milk, juice, and sugary snacks, the protective enamel can never re-mineralize. Plaque and acid weaken tooth enamel. A common sign of erosion is a white spot on a tooth. This is the beginning of a cavity.

The good news, the mineral loss can be reversed in the early stage. Fluoride and saliva help re-mineralize tooth enamel. Fluoride serves three key functions: 1. Restores lost minerals; 2. Protects against future mineral loss; 3. Has antibacterial effects.

Enamel-strengthening fluoride is available in tap water, toothpaste, supplements, mouth rinses, and as an in-office topical treatment. Ask your dentist near Meadowlane, which fluoride products are best for your child.

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